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Combine the language skills and academic qualifications you need to join a globally recognised master’s programme. Both of our Pre-Master’s courses allow you to build on your existing knowledge and follow a tailored path to advanced studies.

You have the option of joining the comprehensive Graduate Certificate in Business*. This provide a respected route to a master’s programme if you:

  • Have never studied in the UK or need to enhance your qualification which is not equivalent to a British degree
  • Are not confident of your English skills or your test scores are slightly lower than required
  • Have not met the minimum undergraduate degree classification requirements (no less than a 2:2)
  • Did not study a business-related undergraduate degree
  • Only just meet the minimum entry requirements and have been advised by the LSBF admissions board to strengthen your application
Graduate Certificate in Businessexpand

This programme helps you make the transition between undergraduate and postgraduate level studies in business as smoothly as possible – especially if you are an international student.

If you have never studied in the UK, are returning after a break from university or want to improve your level of English, then the Graduate Certificate in Business is right for you.

You can study full-time (6 months), part-time (9months) or online (6-12 months), and progress onto a master’s programme afterwards.

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